Super Casino Out, Online Casino In

Despite the initial plans laid down by the Gambling Act of 2005, the UK has not seen the appearance of several ‘super casinos’.

In fact, the idea struggled so much that it barely made it through the Act – by the time it came into being the Gambling Act suggested only one super casino in the entire country.

Nonetheless, cities pressed on in a tough competition to win the right to house this Las Vegas style casino, with Manchester eventually emerging triumphant with football predictions.

All celebrations ended, however, when Gordon Brown took over as Prime Minister and plans for a super casino disappeared entirely, to be replaced by plans for several smaller casinos dotted about the country.

Whilst this was undoubtedly viewed as a loss by Manchester and by gamblers looking forward to their own personal piece of Las Vegas style action in accurate soccer predictions , there is one place where the scrapping of the super casino was great news: the online casino industry.

With dejected gamblers left without their super casino, online casino companies have been able to gather more and more new customers.

Essentially, the online industry aims to show that it can provide the same enjoyment that a super casino could, with a wide variety of games available in one place (River Belle online casino, for example, boasts over 190 different games).

The accessibility of online casinos and prediction site has also helped to win them customers, as they claim to be able to provide a realistic casino experience 24/7 from the comfort of the players home, the added bonus being that customers can play whenever they want without taking too much time out of their schedules.

So, whilst the promise of the UK’s own mini Las Vegas dwindles away into nothing, our online casino industry is thriving.

There are, of course, those who prefer the atmosphere of an authentic casino; however these concerns are swiftly being quashed by the many apparent benefits of sites that predict football matches correctly.

Though some gamblers may still want to hold out hopes for a super casino in the UK, it seems most people are happy to turn their attention to the ever-expanding world of online gaming.